Friday, March 14, 2014

Want to Start Your Own Business? Consider Chattanooga., a local web news site here in Chattanooga, recently posted an article
referencing another article. Track with me here. The original article came from a website called Wallet Hub, which is, in's words, a "personal finance social network."

No idea what that means, but it did rank Chattanooga #21 out of #150 on a list of the best US cities to start a business.

#21! While that may not seem like a fantastic spot, keep in mind that that puts Chattanooga ahead of places like Texas, New York, Atlanta, and most of Florida. This means that not only is Chattanooga a good place to start your business, but that it is also a good place to invest. With a growing population and plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurship, investing

Click here to see the full article from Wallet Hub, complete with maps and more in-depth analysis of the process of compiling the list.

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