Friday, December 20, 2013

Whats new for Chattanooga in 2014

Chattanooga Whiskey to Open “Tennessee Stillhouse” Distillery in Downtown Chattanooga: After waging a fierce legal battle to allow the production of whiskey in Chattanooga, co-owners of Chattanooga Whiskey, Joe Ledbetter and Tim Piersant, plan to renovate a 60,000-square-foot building in downtown Chattanooga and turn it into a distillery. The distillery will include offices, tasting room, barreling operation, bottle shop and a 2,000-gallon whiskey still. The block walls and tiny windows of the current structure will be replaced with antique factory-style windows to mimic the old-fashioned design of distilleries before Prohibition. They will be located at the intersection of Fourth and Market Streets. Visitors will be able to take a guided tour, see all the operations and exit through a gift shop. Opens Fall 2014.

The Block to Opens With a 25,000 Sq Ft Climbing/Fitness Gym and Outdoor Outfitter: The Block will include the High Point Climbing and Fitness consisting of 25,000 square feet with an auto belay area, multiple bouldering rooms, sport climbing, top roping and a speed-climbing wall and it will be one of the nation’s largest climbing venues; an exterior public art piece that will also be a climbing wall; the 38,000-square foot Rock/Creek, a Chattanooga-based specialty outdoor retailer (fourth location) that sells outdoor apparel and equipment from top brands for sports like kayaking, rock climbing, hiking and more; and a fitness facility that will include equipment rental, lessons and coaching, youth programs, competitions, weight training, yoga, massage therapy, pro shop for gear purchase and more. Opens November 2013.